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Oklahoma Extension Association of Family and Consumer Science State Awards are due to the VP of Awards and Recognition by February 1.  For more information on eligible awards for National/State recognition refer to the awards-At-A-Glance or www.neafcs.org

Tips for Winning Awards

2021 NEAFCS Award at a Glance

VP of Awards and Recognition
Christi Evans
601 E Robinson
Norman OK 73071

OEAFCS State Awards

Cleo Bryan Award - Nominated and Selected by the State Board

OEAFCS Scholarship - Professional Improvement Award

Friend of Extension

Barbara Tricinella - NEAFCS New Professional Award

OEAFCS Past Presidents Award - Award to attend National Meeting

Para Professional Award

Informal Research and Study


Professional Achievement Awards

Award applications must follow national guidelines.  Visit www.neafcs.org 

New Professional Award - Barbara Tricinella Award

Distinguished Service Award 

Continued Excellence Award

Extension Educator of the Year


OCES Scholarships and Foundation Awards

These awards are due to the Office of Associate Dean for Extension and Engagement by February 1.  Applications and more information can be found on Canvas.  You will use your OKey login, then scroll down to "FCS Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants" on the left-side menu. 


Who Can Apply?



Norma Brumbaugh

FCS Extension Educators

Enhance leadership which results in personal or community improvement

February 1

Marilyn Burns

Individual Extension Educator or a team of collaborating staff (EHE, EFNEP positions, 4-H Educators with FCS responsibilities, or collaborative teams as long as one member has FCS responsibilities) within a single county, multi-county or program unit. Collaborative efforts with non-OCES organizations is acceptable.

Home-based and micro business educational programming

February 1

Lucille A. Clark

OCES-FCS Faculty and Educators

Programming in the area of housing/preference for poverty level

February 1

Lois DeMond

Must be employed as an Extension Educator for a minimum of 3 years and be enrolled as a full-time or part-time graduate student working toward a graduate degree in Human Sciences

Graduate student scholarship


February 1

Gladys T. Logue

OCES professionals and volunteers applying in conjunction with OCES professionals

Promote leadership in adults & youth- Lecturer

February 1

Irma Manning

All Cooperative Extension-Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Educators, District Family and Consumer Sciences Program Specialists, Family and Consumer State Specialists and Paraprofessional Extension personnel employed in counties.


Programming for at or below poverty level clientele.  Includes speaker honoraria, speakers and professional development

February 1

Grace L. Spivey

District Extension Educators, State Specialists or County FCS Extension Educators

Scholarships (not for tuition), speaker honoraria, professional development trips, study tours

February 1

Mariee C. Wallace/Leadership Development & Citizen Engagement (LDCE)

OHCE members, OCES staff and/or individual/group sponsored by OHCE or OCES. Ideally, applications should include a county educator (FCS and/or 4-H) plus an OHCE member or volunteer.

provide seed money to foster leadership development through specific training &/or by working on a project of importance to the community, neighborhood, or county.

Open Application Deadline


OHCE Norma Brumbaugh Scholarship

Three scholarships are awarded each year by the OHCE Cultural Enrichment Committee.  Awards should be sent to the OHCE Cultural Enrichment Chair and the Office of Associate Dean for Extension and Engagement by February 1.

Applications can be found on the OHCE website under grants or HERE.


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